Will he ever change his mind about me?

I'm in love with one guy, we go together to the same school. I started the whole thing, I introduced myself to him and he know exactly how I feel about him. We've gone out 3 times, we text every day, we talk at school. The point is, he directly said to me that he doesn't want a girlfriend but sometimes he acts in a way that is absolutely contrary to what he says. He says that he cares about me, that I'm special and then he keeps talking about his ideal girlfriend, or that he cares more about himself than about me. He says that he doesn't understand me when I try to explain how I feel about the whole thing. I'm so confused, there are days when I'm full of hope because he acts like he really wants me. But then he's so harsh to me, he knows how much I care about him and even in this kind of situation he treats me like I'm nothing to him. I don't know what to do, he's not just a crush. I really do love him and I can't imagine my life without him, his life without me. I don't want to let go but I wonder if it's not the only way for me to live normally. Whenever I try to confront him he avoids me or never answers my questions. What should I do then? Should I end the whole thing or keep trying?


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  • I am quite sure, warmdinner, you have heard the old expression: We always fall in love with the one we cannot have... I believe this is the case, honestly, being as wise as I am.
    You are hopelessly in love with a guy who doesn't want to be hooked at the hip, tied down with anyone, even if it would be You, who I find is Picture Perfect for Any guy But----This schmo from Idaho. He doesn't deserve the love that you have to give and with him treating you one way one day, the next he 'Cares more
    about himself than me.' This is the way he wants it, sweetie, to treat you like a door mat and to take your undying love and stab you in the heart with it because he knows how much you love and want him in your heart and in your life.
    He is 'Avoiding' every Question because he doesn't want to explain anything that he Knows deep down you already Know and how he feels about you and this sticky sob situation. And if you Continue to chase after him, a day dream that I find Impossible, you will only go down a beaten path of doom and despair with him because it is what I call Unrequited love to its fullest and to the extent of one's heart that this will get.
    Move on, find someone who really loves you and cares about you. You have more to give to someone who will appreciate you for who you are and can return it unconditionally with no excuses to boot... this one is a loser... you are right... you are Nothing to him.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much for your opinion, it really appreciate it. I wish it could be that easy to move on, I will try though xx

    • You are so welcome... I know it will be hard but you deserve more of a Prince than a Dunce.:)) xx

  • Try to distance yourself from him and see how he reacts. Don't text him for a while. If he asks to hang out, tell him you're unavailable. Then he'll see what it's like to not to have you around which might make him realize he has strong feelings for you and does consider you someone he'd want to date.

    • I was thinking about doing this but I'm afraid he might never text me again after this. I'm so afraid of losing him :(

    • Then you know he's not worth it.

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