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This hot married polish girl and I became buddies when we used to work together. We only worked together pysically a couple times but we always hit it off. She was naturally flirty but used to laugh at everything I said. She emailed me out of the blue one day and from there we started chatting frequently. I left almost two years ago and we still chat but it's most me starting convos but she'll chat with me for a few days. We've both mentioned lunch with a third wheel but we've both cancelled on that idea. One Friday night recently she emailed me at like 11pm from her personal email which I didn't have. The email subject was a ;) and the email contained a funny video about hot chicks being crazy. It also had a signature with her name and cell number. So we started texting I mentioned lunch and she said "definitely!" So we made plans to meet but I had to cancel the day of. I text her a week later and said lets reschedule and she said I'll text you tomorrow aftr I check my schedule. I did t think she would get back to me but she did and we made plans to meet. When she met me she was blushing and had super sexy right pants that hugged her add like crazy and hips. The pants were all up in her ass and she had sexy black heels on. She also wore a white shirt that I coudl see with a black bra. Lunch was great and we both said lets do it again. I text her r next day and said had a great time she said me too. Insaid when can we hang again? She said "😊 lunch next month?" Since then she's been very short with me and did not even respond to an email about lunch. What do you think happened?


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  • She is spending time and having sex with her husband and temporarily forgot about you. Once she is feeling neglected again she will email or text you when she need attention.

    • So I have no shot at fuking her?

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    • For the attention. Probably wasn't getting it before and now is

    • Isn't that scandalous,

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  • She is married and realized she nearly made a huge mistake. Leave her alone... If she wants to tangle with you, she needs to untangle with her husband.

  • I think she's into you, but she's having second thoughts because she's married.

    Probably feeling guilty she let it go this far?

    • That's prob true. Damn she's insane hot and wish she was single...

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