What would your reaction be if you got a letter in the mail from a girl?

I sent a letter in the mail to my friend yesterday. I haven't talked to him for awhile, he doesn't always respond to my texts. I think I fell for him though, and he's told me before that he wasn't ready for a relationship. I'm leaving in a few days to go to treatment because I'm battling an eating disorder. In the letter, I mentioned that I was leaving and I was holding in strong feelings towards him, and that he's the only guy I feel close to, etc... One of my friends read it before I sent it. She thought it sounded sad for the fact I'm telling him this before I'm leaving. I'm nervous as to what his reaction could be or if I will here from him at all...


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  • I don't know what his reaction because I don't know the guy. From what you've said, mad props to you for saying how you felt about him.


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