Ladies, is this a rejection or should I go for it anyway?

Okay people, so i've been texting this girl for the better part of a week now and we seem to be getting on pretty well, similar interests, you know, the usual stuff. So i asked her if she fancied going for a coffee sometime, low commitment, more casual than a drink. The exact message i sent was this, "You seem like a cool person and i know this is a bit forward but do you fancy going for a coffee sometime?". She responded with this, "Hey, aw thank you, yeah sure maybe sometime :)". Normally i would have no problem telling whether or not i'm being told to go away but this one has left me confused. So, should i stop the messaging or pursue it? Cheers in advance!


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  • I reckon you keep chatting away and outright ask her for that coffee one more time at some point - she's responded mostly positively so you should say "I'm not doing anything Thursday afternoon, want to grab a coffee at 5pm?" or similar. If she says no then... leave the ball in her court.

    The 'I know this is a bit forward' part was unnecessary. You're asking her to Starbucks, not a sex club.

    • Yeah looking back i'm not entirely sure why i put that in there hahaha cheers mate

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  • Err yeah that is difficult one.

    I would just pick a date and say "This is sometime." and see what happens from there. If she is funny about it, it is her fault for not being more definitive.

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