How do you know if sadia Arabia guy is seriouse about you?

So, I am dating this saida Arabian guy. I need to know if he seriouse , he say he want to be with me forever , ask personal question about my family and if I want to stay here in the us, but I don't know if he's seriouse... I doubt he is cause of everything I'm told but other Sadi guys options would be ever so greatful :)

I hAve already heared everything negative about all arab guys , please just answer the questions thank you.


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  • Your only way to know if he's serious is to first know thats he's Saudi... And if he's from his country there's a good chance he doesn't respect women that much, meaning he can't be trusted that much

    You can only trust him if you really know him, know him for at least 1 year... IN different situations, like how he is around his friends, family, morning, night, evening, hobbies, work, passions, careers. All of it

    IF you dont know all of that, you dont really know the person

    • I already figure his not seriouse cause I'm American and he's from sadia , so I just figured I would date him because I like arab guys , but just in case he gets seriouse it would be nice to know because then my way of thinking could change..

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  • If its about a Saudi arabian guy and his seriousness then I think you're in the wrong place. Well 1. What ethnicity are you.2. How did you find this Saudi Arabian guy?

    • First a American two how Do you meet people and anything that your going today about taking American girls seriouse I have already heard it read about it and I already know that there a chance he's not , but just Incase I need to know wethier or not is there away to tell

    • I can't understand shit sorryyy!

    • Okay :)

  • Is this an online relationship or have you actually met this person?

    • Person , I don't believe in meeting people online it's werid.

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