How to convince a guy its worth an LDR?

So there's a guy who I like and the only reason he won't ask me out to be his girl is because he's afraid of it not working out because of distance. How can I show him/Convince him that just because we might not know when we'll see each other again doesn't mean we can't date.


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  • I thought LDR meant Lana Del Rey.

    I personally do not believe in long distance relationships because I believe a relationship needs personal touch and passion otherwise the person will either find someone else to satisfy those needs or be very unhappy.

    But you could practice writing letters to each other and keep the relationship alive and it doesn't have to mean the relationship ends there. You can always rekindle it later.


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  • LDRs never work unless you have been with the person romantically for a while (over a year); that too sometimes doesn't always work out

  • Ok, what's the distance and how long have you known this guy?

    • We've known each other for two years and the distance is right now from Georgia to Texas but in the New Year it's going to be from Georgia to Oregon.

    • Ok, the thing is, you can't convince anyone of anything. Secondly, if you truly want to be with one another, you'll find a way.

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