How to stave off feelings of inadequacy and sadness stemming from being single?

I know that I don't need anybody to be "complete" or happy. For some reason though I can't stop feeling sad that I don't have anybody. It's not constant, but instead comes in waves. It just becomes unbearable at times. It's not really that I want to start dating, but I just want someone. It's kind of hard to explain. Even if I did want to start dating, there are no girls who have a romantic inclination towards me. Is there something I can do to help stave off the feelings when they come?


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  • The sooner you become numb to it, stop worrying about such meaningless bologna, and live life for you the better. Let me put it to you this way. I have never once had a single issue with women. Getting them, dating them, fucking them, having a relationship, etc. Never once, no issue, none, zero, zip, nil, nada. However, I can care less about those things because they are things that do not control my narrative and do not make or break my life. If I meet someone worth my time, great. If not and I just am forced to having girls I bang, great. Either way, my life isn't changed.

    The sooner you adopt this simple and easy mindset the better for you.


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  • I go through it sometimes too, but for me... I choose to be single because I am too busy working on things in my life currently. You have to remember that you're number one in your life, and always keep yourself busy with something you love, or just bettering yourself in general. The feeling of fulfillment will slowly begin to eradicate the feeling of needing someone else. Being single and getting to know yourself first is a good thing, it allows you to focus on what's important to you and provides you with a strong sense of self. So don't worry.

    Also, girls may not be interested in you because you could unintentionally be projecting yourself wrong - which is something a lot of us do.


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  • You are not alone.

    * exercise - find an activity you like and get out (or stay in if that's what works for you) and do it. It will elevate your mood and help you stay fit ((which is a double bonus)

    * sleep - there's a casual link between lack of sleep and depression. Get sleep.

    * hobby - find something you love and do it. It's terrific if it involves interacting with others

    * friends - foster or maintain friendships - somewhere around five good/close friendships is pretty good

    * meet people in social settings I areas of interest. Meetup dot com is one way to get started doing that.

    Lots of us know how you feel. It's in your hands. Don't be overwhelmed, take one step at a time to move away from those feelings.

    ... I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on TV, just a few things I found that have worked for me.

  • I have the same problem. If you find something that works send me a message lol.