Such a weird relationship?

So, I know this guy and I was told that he has a girlfriend. I was shocked when I heard it because I've never seen them together. My friend (she used to date one of his friends) told me that when it's just the two of them, they act like a normal couple but if there's people around them, they literally pretend they don't know each other, even though everyone knows there's something between them. Apparently, HE doesn't want to come public with the "relationship". My friend also told me that he is very very very shy and he won't talk to anyone he doesn't know. And when he does, he doesn't look people in the eyes. But, the thing is, I am 100% sure that he has feelings for my step sister. There's no doubt about it... I've seen the way he looks at her. That's why I was so shocked when I found out he had a "girlfriend". Why would he bother find the courage to talk and to hit on my sister if he had a proper girlfriend? So, my theory is, maybe because he's shy, he's afraid he won't be able to have another girl so he's with her just because... Maybe it's just a sex thing... What do you guys think? Am I right?


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  • Sex thing.

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