Girlfriend said she loves me by accident?

Through text? She apologized today and said sorry for acting weird. I love her too I think but I wasn't about to say that through text. Did she really say this by accident or was this her shy way of telling me this. Think she's been hinting it. Been kind of keeping her distance from me.


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  • If you love her too, boy you need to say something! If you haven't said it yet, that's why she's acting distant. She thinks you dont!

    • I know but j want to say it in person. I've never said this to any girl before I'm not going to do it via text.

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  • Apologizing for being weird translates to please don't get freaked out by me saying it first and try to break things off because you don't feel the same way.

  • She is your girlfriend. Say that you love her too.

    • Not through text next time I see her I am.

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