Are you a picky dater?

I'm a extremely picky dater in looks and personality. Actually it's more particular in my eyes. I need a certain type of man, and I never have or probably never will date outside of what I want
I need a guy to have a certain look, energy and personality
For me
Buzz cut or bald (he needs to look good with it tho)
Usually I like blue eyes
I have a thing for noses and a nice jaw line
In attitude he has to be the one wearing the pants. Extremely aggressive, works and makes the money, makes the rules and controls it. I don't like sensitive guys. I need a guy who shared the same childhood and the same life experiences, so he won't judge me for it. We will understand each other. Non clingy guys is a must. He can't be on social media.
Has a more "manlier job" like a cop, construction worker, etc
He can't wear skinny jeans or v necks. He has to dress manly
He can't be obsessed with his looks or be metro in any way. He can't be insecure. He has to know it's his attitude that made me fall in love with him. He has to be taller than me and built. He has to be jealous and always protect me. I want him to know my whereabouts too. Lolz

Do you have a wish list that you absolutely need? What are things that make you say absolutely not?
Now share yours :)


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  • LOL it sounds like you want to date a caveman!

    As for me, I'm not too picky when it comes to looks but my expectation are sky high when it comes to personality. So I guess it balances out.

    Non religious
    Doesn't want children
    Super motivated
    Has a good sense of humor
    Quiet (not in a shy way but more in a relaxed way. Nothing irritates me faster than loud mouthed, condescending men)
    Sexually adventurous
    Can't be a bigot in any way, shape, or form
    Artistic (musically)

    • Oh I need a man that doesn't want kids too
      Forgot to add this
      If I find him I will let him put it in the butt

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  • Thats a bit much to ask you know. its too odly specific

    • Lol :) i find someone like this except the looks
      He had more things I liked but I won't get into that

  • Funny
    Treats me right
    Good to my family and friends

  • You are a troll or someone that is REALLY messed up about relationships. Good Luck.

    • Hahahaa why

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    • Troll, thanks for clarifying.

    • Actually to be honest it's not. My tone was sarcastic then. I'm actually seriously
      I like controlling men
      Don't get why you think in controlling
      That's the truth. You can think I'm crazy. I don't give a fuck. You're a women. Your opinion doesn't matter to me. Only a guys opinion does

  • WTF? Lol!
    I like him to be honest, faithful..