What's your favorite or least favorite personality type in the opposite sex? Romantically?

I'd like to say I'm into introvertive and shy girls, but the happy-happy hyper ones always get me. :\

Also, could you please state your country? No semi-pun intended. I have a feeling that Americans will mostly choose extroverts.

  • Extrovertive, happy-happy hyper
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  • Neutral and logical, balanced, doesn't really show much emotion, like in joking.
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  • Introvertive and shy, but still talkitive. Kawaii!
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  • Melancholy/Cynical, failing to hide it in their face, but not expressive about it.
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  • A hopless romantic
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Most Helpful Girl

  • In my 20 years of dating (15 being adult) I have come to realize that this question should ONLY be for people looking to get laid and/or make out. Why? I will tell you my opinion. No one puts their true selves up for display until after you have been with them for a little while. Which sadly when you hold your preference (as stated above) that's what you are gonna get initially; but as you get older, you would think the facade would go away... it usually doesn't though. The game of facades continues on and on. I'm not sure if there is an end to it. So my thoughts is strive for what most people are only willing to partake in: facades. Awesome if you can tolerate one another for over a few months. ;)

    • I agree. I'm actually asexual, so this is stemming more from curiosity rather than an idea of what to pretend to be in order to get laid. Or, maybe I'm deluding myself. Who knows.

      Everyone has a social mask: they're necessary for our protection. For instance, if someone is naturally melancholy, that's going to put people off. They might think that they're angry at them for some reason, then start to hate them--they might think that's weakness and go on the attack. For the hopeless romantic, one might become jealous of them or also attack them. I find the extrovert/happy-happy is the most socially secure/romantically secure personality. Everyone loves puppies. Next would probably be the introvert, because they're not seen as a threat. Just a thought.

      in my opinion, the best way to stand in the shining light of social/romantic BS is to hide or misdirect as much as you can. I'm sure most would say, "just be yourself! Haters gon' hate." But, I don't agree with that.

    • I think in even the most intimate relationships this rings true. People don't care what your personality is: they care about how they feel when they're around you. In long-term relationships, that's especially true. After all the dopamine and serotonin have melted away, as the oxytocin has, and all that's left is, "this mother fucker left his clothes on the floor." or, "Pick up my clothes? That bitch just won't stop talking, ffs"

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What Girls Said 5

  • I am a happy, hyper extravert and am happiest around like-minded people. I get along with pretty much everyone but the people I find most endearing are happy extraverts.

    Least favorite is a tie between melancholy and hopeless romantic. Hopeless romantics annoy the crap outta me. And melancholics are way too... different from me to find, well, interesting or a pleasure to be around.

    I'm from USA born and raised :P

  • Favourite - Hopeless romantic and extrovert
    Least - Melancholy/Cynical

  • Favorites: A, C, E
    Least favorites: B, D

  • Fave: Hopeless romantic
    Least: Cynical

  • Vote D sorta-ish describes me. Quite cynical XD it's fun, actually. I am a lot like vote B and would probably like B most compared to the rest.


What Guys Said 1

  • A for fave. B for worst. Pre' simple.

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