He screwed up but I really like him and can't tell if he feels bad or what?

All semester things have moved super slow with this guy. I could tell he thought I was cute so I found a way to give him my number. After a little back and forth texting and a few attempts to hang out I asked him to my college formal but nothing has been really established between us because we didn't talk much except for text and last night was the first time we hung out.

Well it was great and really fun, he made me laugh a ton. He held my hand a lot and when we were dancing he would hold my hands and wrap his arms around me while holding onto my hands and it was really cute. He kept putting his face close to mine but wouldn't just look at me and kiss me but I felt like he wanted to so I gently took his face towards mine and kissed him and then we just kept dancing and stuff

Well he all night had been trying to find more alcohol so him and his friend left me and his friend's date to find more (i'm assuming) and find out when we could leave on the bus because we weren't allowed to take our own cabs. Well when his friend came back he was MIA. I looked for him, texted him, called him, etc. and couldn't find him so I left and his friend was too drunk so he didn't care to help me

This morning when I asked him where he went all he said was "I was talking to ______ (a girl in my sorority who was there) and then I went to the bathroom"

That's literally all he said so I didn't even respond. Do you think it's possible he was too drunk or something? I had a lot of fun with him but then that happened and I don't know how he feels about me now because he didn't say sorry or anything. Maybe he's embarrassed? He seemed like he liked me but was too shy or something and then maybe he tried to get more alcohol to loosen up more but I was gone when he came back?


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  • I'm going to be honest. I don't think he really liked you. He just left you to get drunk... how pathetic is that on his end. I wouldn't waste anymore time on him.