Who makes the first move?

So a question for all the guys.. what do you think of girls making the first move? I recently met this guy and we kind of sort of flirted? I am actually real into him but we don't really talk all that much. Should I be the one to make the next move or let him? Did his flirting mean anything or was it just him being nice? I don't know :/


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  • Well, I personally dislike when females have to play the game where they want the guy to make the first move. I kind of understand if it's when a guy who likes a girl and he's trying to get her to reply with affection (as in getting her to like him back) even though I still think it's shit ridiculous unless she has no interest.

    If you guys don't communicate much then both of you will get the idea that you're both could be losing interest with each other.

    If you like him just do something to show he gets the message please. It will move things a lot smoother and less bullshit. Good luck.


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  • i wish girls made the first move, initiated more often


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