How do I get him to be my boyfriend?

So I met a guy I really really like. The goal is to get him to be my boyfriend.. so uh.. how do I get that to happen? This is probably a weird question.

Side note I have never made the first move in anything.. so like not sure how to go about that


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  • Where'd ya meet? Do you guys talk? Talk to me. I need details.

    • haha yeah details would probably help. We met back in October.. talked and texted a lot for a few weeks but we both got really busy so we didn't spend time together at all really and lost contact for a bit. We actually recently reconnected about a week ago. I actually spent time with him the entire weekend and it was really great. When we first met, the connection was clearly there and definitely still is even thought its been awhile. This weekend we got coffee one day and then went to a art show/concert the next. I went back to his place both times and we watched a movie and made out (nothing else). Lame thing is that he's leaving on Thursday for break until like January 10th or something. Hopefully will see him before that. But yeah, would like to continue this and see where it goes.

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    • Yeah I might just do that. I just get nervous that like he doesn't want a relationship or he just is using me or something.

    • I have the same reservations. They have inhibited me from starting relationships in the past. But no more. I've already lost too many opportunities. The worst thing that could happen would be if he says no. But at least it would be out in the open. Not wondering what could be. Its worth it too ask.

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