My family hates him but I think the opposite, how do I go about changing their opinions?

First impression was horrible because he was on medication and I ended up leaving. He asked for a second chance and I accepted. The second time out, It was supposed to be the two of us but under certain circumstances, my sister had to be a third wheel. He acts completely different around her, but when he's talking to me over the phone, he's a great guy. He later told me that she was really annoying and he didn't like her. I don't know how to defend him. My mother liked him but it quickly changed after that bad day out. My sister thinks he's a piece of sh*t. I don't know anymore.


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  • Depends on what medication he's on
    Maybe he really really likes u but is different when he's around your family and probably doesn't feel comfortable because he feels left out, and depending on how long you guys have been together but maybe he's just not used to being around your family... I can't stand my bfs family either but I learn to deal with them whenever they come over for a visit my sister thought my bf was a piece of shit at first too but that was also cuzz he was an alcoholic and the way he would act when he's drunk is defanetly unattractive but he also quit so he can keep me in his life people change for the better, maybe if u sit with him and ask him why he acts this way him & ur family will change for the better


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