Is it possible to be in love with two woman. Who should pick?

Ok so my best friend tara I known her since we were in elementary. She weird cute outgoing, awesome, funny and honest, burb in your face nasty prankster lol but today when i looked at her i thought wow tara is very sexy and amazing. And i was like oh shit i think i like tara.

only bad thing is I have a girlfriend for about 9 months. Her name is Michelle we call her Milly
she really really gorgeous. If was a contest for looks she would beat Tara. I sound like a pig) but its true. She so sweet she makes me lunch, bakes me cookies, and tells me she loves me. She really girly. She smell so good she has a cute laugh. I think I LOVE Milly.

But when I see Tara I get nervous and my stomach feels weird. I had a dream about tara. im so awkward around her now but I still like hanging and playing games with her. When I'm around Milly I smile a lot and I feel a inner warmth and good ness I feel like doing positive things. And I want to hold and kiss her.
oh yeah Tara also has a boyfriend for 2months I kinda like him. What do I do

I don't want to hurt Milly and I don't want to mess up the fun me Tara have. This is the type of thing to ruin things. I don't like keeping my feeling bottle's. It makes me wonky Willy wonky lol seriously though HELP

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Well thanks guys I going to keep it to my self and spend less time with Tara maybe that will help


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  • you should go with the second one you fell in love with.. because if you really loved the first one... you would not have fallen for the second one


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  • you will lose both with that crazy idea of loving two women. you obviously love one while being "with" her and the other for "wanting" her. So in essence love vs lust. Since you already are thinking you love both and have become confused I will tell you right now that both will fail, whether immediately or over time.

    Here is a story from a friend of mine. She dated a guy who had a girlfriend. She stood around in hopes he broke up. He never did. His girlfriend broke up with him when she found he cheated. He then reluctantly went with the side chic after trying to fight back the feeling of loss he thought he never would deal with. He dated the second girl. She got pregnant and he began to realize she was very difficult to be with. They fought terribly and he broke up with her. She now holds the kid over his head and ruins all the relationships he tries to enter. happy live... love and lust!

  • You will be friends with Tara for awhile, she has a boyfriend too, Just for now, enjoy Milly

  • Define love as I personally think it is total self delusion.

  • I don't really think you love any of them.

    • Why would u say that Tara my bud I live Milly I been dating her longer than any girl I ever been with

    • You can't love two people at the same time. That's not love.

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  • I don't know who said it but I'll just paraphrase it, "If you love two people then choose the second because if you had really loved the first, you wouldn't have fallen for the second."

  • If you're torn between two, it's not love.

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