Is it a bad thing that I'm dating him?

Is it a bad thing that I'm 15 years old and dating an 18 year old? So I just want to know what you guys think, I'm getting a lot of judgement for my boyfriend being 18. And no he isn't pressuring me into anything, he's actually the only boyfriend I've had who takes me on dates, and wants to go out and do stuff rather than just making out opinions please, nothing rude.

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  • My sister was 13 years old when she met her first boyfriend who Was----16. My family Nor His had a problem with it, they both were trusted and he even had a car. Mom and dad adored Jackie, he was part of our family and his family came from good stock. Yes, there were times that Donna and Jackie had stirred up a hornet's nest in the family, however, being my parents were pretty much by the book about a lot of things, they always let them work things out. Of course in time they broke up and married other people... my sister had many boyfriends from 16 on...
    I see no harm because you are not quite 16 yet, sweetie, that because you have a guy who is a bit older than you, Why anyone should have so much to say about it? You are getting to the age where you are going to have to make decisions in your life as to who to date, who to marry, what job to take and so forth... and eventually No one will be putting bread on your table so you won't have to answer to anyone but yourself when you---Turn 18 yourself.
    If he is good to you, acts like a gentleman and makes you happy, ignore them, put them on your pay no mind list and live your life. Continue to show all the wary and worrying that you Are capable of making Wise decisions and that you will Make Wise ones.
    He sounds like a keeper... however, I wonder if you will be putting Those who were 'Judgmental' on your wedding List, should you both end up walking down the aisle someday?
    I think too with peers such as these, perhaps even with family, you need to Earn this, not Expect it, when it comes to Shutting the lion's mouth with just the right Grub with no Hub bub.
    Good luck, you have my blessings. xx

    • We've been dating for almost 6 months and he says things like "I hope we are married someday, because you're the best thing that's ever happened to me." I guess I could see myself marrying him, he's a sweetheart. Thankyou for your opinion ☺️ Xx

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    • Aw I will 😜 xo

    • :)) xxoo

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What Guys Said 5

  • As long as he isn't too mature for you mentally, and you like him for him, not just for being older than you, then there seems to be no prob :)
    I'm 18 and personally felt really weird about dating a 15 year old but then i'm kinda mature for my age so that may take affect.

    • He's kinda immature at times and childish, but he's also smart and mature at times, but I'm really mature for my age too. But he's so sweet.

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    • lol, i try to talk all fancy but put "too" instead of "two" haha

    • Uhh were kinda in the middle, I'm sort of friends with everyone, popular and unpopular. He is too 😜

  • Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.
    You just focus on keeping your relationship smooth. ;)

  • That's fine. When you're 18 and 21 no one will care, or even when you're 16 and 19.

    3 years isn't that big of a deal. Just please don't send him to prison for doing something you consent to then end up regretting.

    • I'm not going to send him to prison for anything. We're waiting till I'm 16😁😂

    • Thankyou though

  • lol that's a 3 year difference, nothing at all. It's only because of the age bracket you're in. When you turn 18 and he's 21, that's normal as hell.

  • A 14 yo is dating a 28 yo so its really np


What Girls Said 2

  • As long as ge's treating you right, doesn't pressure you and you two are happy, you dont have to worry about what others say. If the ones who judge you are your friends or people your age, then they're just jelous of you. So be happy with your boyfriend, and don't listen to them, they're just haters!!

  • You'll be fine just be careful.

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