So I'm shocked, What do I do now?

what do I do? I Haven't done this in a long time, but a girl just said yes to going out with me, and im unsure where to go from here, do I ask her for her number or do I give her mine, emails etc?

Thankyou everybody for your opinions :D


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  • Say: Let me get your number so we can set this up
    Then don't give her a date for the meet up/date because if she's actually busy and turns you down you feel rejected, instead ask her: Hey____! How's your week looking? I was thinking we could try out_______(your destination) feel free to add a joke or in between or sarcastic comment to lighten the mood etc...
    When she tells you when she's free, figure out when (time) and where you'll meet up then end the conversation the longer it goes on the worse you might end up looking in her eyes especially if you don't know how to text properly
    The next time you should text her is the day of the date to make sure everything is still on and make some interesting comment about the place you're going (i. e. If it's a restaurant, you can say "I hope you're ready for a little risk from what I've heard only one person died from the food so I say we can tough it out haha")

    either way keep it casual and flirty but overall just be yourself and she'll feel comfortable
    Best of Luck!

    • Thanks for MH! How did it go? Or are you still planning it out?

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    • Oh and you're welcome for MH, thanks for the advice :)

    • Oh okay good to hear lol you're welcome :)

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  • Ask for her number for sure! Take charge, it's cute!


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  • Well yeah, get her number so you can call her and arrange the date.

  • Hand her your cell phone have her put her number in it and hand it back. Then tell her that you will call her phone so she has your number. Wait a few hours and call or text.

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