I dont think he feels the same way?

me and this boy have been talking for four week and we have met 4 times i have totally fell in love with him and have told him how i feel but whenever i say i like him he just says 'aww we will have to wait and see what happens' and im getting mixed signals i texted him last night and he hasn't spoken to me today? i feel like im over reacting but i really do like the boy and just really could do with some advice.. im going through a rough time and need his support but i will feel like a pest if i text him and i just dont know if he feels the same way as last week i seen a text from his ex saying ' i can't wait for things to be back how they were' and i questioned him about it and he said they've made up and agreed to be friends and stop the arguing but i dont know if i should believe him? HELP


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  • You're just over reacting. I think you should just get busy and wait for him to reply you back. If he doesn't treat you right then you've no reason to go after him. You give respect to those who respect you back and care for your well being like genuinely. If they don't then you deserve better.

    • thanks i still haven't heard from him but he's the least of my worries at the moment so im gonna forget about him for a while and if he doesn't put any effort in them i won't bother thanks for you're help x

    • Exactly the earlier you realize the better it is for you. Now you can gimme Most Helpful lol

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  • Give it some time, don't over think it, I know how you feel it's hard to believe or continue, but you really like him and I say don't give up yet.

    • thank you for you're advice i dont want to give up but im not going to put effort in at the moment i want to see if he will try because I've noticed its only me making effort X

    • That's a great idea! :) and you're welcome, I hope everything works out!