Confusing girls, Help!?

I think this girl is confusing,
Sometimes she smiles shyly everytime I look at her.
Sometimes she just look away like I'm not there.

I like to look at her cause she is cute.
But I'm not sure if it's good if I keep on looking at her.
Should I stop for awhile? If I don't care much about someone they like me. But once I care about the girl she acts as if I'm not there.

First question do you think does she like me?
Second Q. (If she doesn't) how to win her heart
Third Q. Should I always be near her or sometimes bet away?


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  • Girl like guy to make a first move. Sometime we don't like them in the beginning. Since he shows how much he like and care about us. You get correct the point one by one. We love you to be nice and sweet to us. We love a brave guy. It means you are brave enough to approach us. Go on talk to her.

    • Thanks.
      I talk to her often,
      And I told her she's beautiful. And she always look shy. I think that's normal what should I do next?
      What should I say or do to make the girl I like like me back?

    • Do what she like. Ask her out!!

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