Dating rejection etiquette: is this an unacceptable move or is this normal?

I asked a girl on a dating app on a date and she accepted. But everytime we were going to go out, work is keeping her or she has something that she had to do at home and work wore her out. One night, she said she would call me back when she got home, but she never did.

I took that as her way of disappearing on me and that she wasn't interested. When a girl keeps making excuses to back out, that is her way of telling me she doesn't like you.

But this girl calls me the next day and tells me she feels like a jerk. She says we can try again later that night. I agree to give her another chance, but when later came, she pulled out AGAIN by telling me that she felt self conscious and wanted to wait till tomorrow, so she could look beautiful for me. Honestly, I was trying to be understanding but I was getting annoyed. This has been the third time she had pulled out before a date and I was getting tired of getting dressed up and buying flowers for nothing. But I hid my annoyance and tried to understand her busy schedule, so I ok'd her date.

The next guy, I call her to see if she is ready. No response. I tried to text, but no response again. I made a few more attempts to reach her, but it was all in vain. I never heard her that night. She Completely stood me up. After all the patience i exhibited toward her, I get this in return. I understand that she may be uncomfortable meeting someone online, but at the same time, this was some bull. If you don't like me, that's fine, but don't put me through a weeklong goose chase. People say stuff like this is a normal way of rejection.

Is this true or was this girl wrong in the way she handled this?


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  • it's wrong to handle rejection that way. If you're not interested then proper dating etiquette is to tell the person you are not interested in taking things further.. definitely not ignoring them or holding them up. She is in the wrong and not a girl you should even lose one nights sleep over cause she doesn't sound like a nice girl who cares about peoples feelings.


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