I finally did meet him yesterday !! What should I do now?

If you want more information about this guy go on my profile i posted another question before this one (its would better help you to understand more.)

Now, what should I do? We continue to text each other everyday after we meet, but now the question is should we meet another time? For the Christmas vacation i don't go a lot in town (so its hard to meet) and he is busy with school on the week days. I know, i would go in 1 week or 2 at a party (with alcohol) of my friend in town, but should i ask him if he want to come? its would be the second time we meet, if i do that? i can't see him before that so.. I'm scared, what should I do?

P. S when we meet its was confortable, we feel like we were friend :) He was a little shy and me too (a little awkward), but he was kind.


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  • Not sure. I don't know.

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