Do you look for "the one" or for her to come into your life?

So i only had 1 gf before and we broke up so i dont really have a lot of experience when it comes to daying and these things although i dated my gf but it was like she was there already didn't look for her. Now im ready to get in a new relationship and im the type that likes commitment and serious relationships not one night stands or things like that so finding a good girl (inside and outside) is very important for me. My question is how do i find her, do i look for her and keep telling people im looking for a girlfriend or ask out all the girls that i like? Or just keep on doing me and when that special girl comes across my way i take the chance? I see a lot of happy couple that love each other and i want that, im not bad looking and not awkward with girl at all, i also can treat a girl like a queen once i have her but im wondring before i make her mine how can get to her? Cz i see that everybody suddnly has a bf or gf and im just there like. I dont see any reason why i can't have a good gf..
Ps:the last 2 girls i liked i was about to approach them untill i reallized they had boyfriends : so thats why im asking this question :-)

Sorry for the typing mistakes guys *


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  • take your time getting to know what you like in a girl and most importantly taking the time to get to know yourself and what you enjoy in life and want with your future. meeting someone who you can become friends with is usually a good start and being compatible with someone is even better.


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  • I'm doing a mix of both to be honest. I'm not running around dating every girl I see but I do have my eyes open so to speak. Also if you want a good girl I would not recommend going searching for her in nightclubs and bars. Good luck and let's hope we're all going to make it :D

  • "Just be open to possibilities, you never know where, when, or how" is my mantra.

  • Honestly, I wait for women to approach me, then I take what I can get! hahaha

    • Well i ain't brad pit so i should consider another idea lol