Whats you take on this guy?

There is this guy that my best friend is seeing. My best friend is a female and she is like a sister to me. She comes to me for dating/guy advise. I'll refer to her as Maria and ill refer to him as Joe (not their real names). Joe lives by his job ( he says he lives with his parents so he can save money) and Maria commutes 2 hours to her job. Maria is a hopeless romantic. Joe is a pretty boy. I believe he works around a lot of women. One of the pictures she showed me of him at his job had a lot of ( IMO) pretty women in the back ground.
I met him once. We got along. I normally don't get along with any guys she has me meet.
I asked Maria if they are dating and she thinks they are but Joe considered it to be just hanging out. They were having sex a lot but then he stop it all of a sudden and he broke up with her. He told her that " he was afraid he would love her too much and it scared him" What a load of BS. by the way she tells me that they would have sex either in her car or in a hotel. Never at his house. One thing that bugs me is she told me that they were at restaurant & his parents ended up showing up at. He introduced her as his friend.(told Maria its better this way) They had dinner together. Maria & Joe's mom got along really well. This happened less than a week before they broke up.
He still kept in contact with her as "a friend". Now out of the blue they started seeing each other. He initiated it. Joe tells her that The sex is still in the car or hotel. (my friend tells me too much) Also he takes her to restaurants and public places that are not close to his parents area. I warned her about him. I told her I think he seeing other women. I tell her tell tail signs to look for. She confronted him on a couple things. Now Joe is telling her not talk to me/hangout with me; & that I'm trying to break them up & putting bad ideas in her head. I'm not. I'm just trying to protect her.
What's your take on this guy? I think he is a lying, cheating a-hole.

She told him that she stopped taking to me and hangout with me. She lied to him. She deletes my texts. I had her change her password to her Google account that is linked to her phone and had her remove Lookout mobile. An app he recommended for her. You can track someone if you know their username and passwords on both. She saw him the next day. The following day i looked at her phone. The lookout mobile app was back on it. I'm started to get worried


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  • it sounds to me like you should back off. the guy has repeatedly and clearly stated that he doesn't want to put terms on the relationship. your friend is aware of that so any moves after that are at her own risk. it may not be a great relationship, I agree, but it is a decision she has willfully gotten involved in

    the guy sounds like he doesn't want anything serious. sounds like he's just looking for a casual relationship

    • Joe can say all he wants. I won't listen. If he has a problem he can tell me face to face. Now if Maria tells me to back off, I will. She has in the past, and i did. But I was right all along and she found out the hard way and then she apologized. That's why she takes my advices to heart.

  • I tend to agree with you. I don't understand women. Drawn to these types all the time. Crazy. Without knowing your friend I would say she's either got low self-esteem or is absolutely starving for attention. I expect you two will have some bumpy roads before this is over. Be cool.

    • We have had our bumpy roads. I've been there with her through 6 relationships. Including a marriage. She doesn't have low self esteem. But you are right she is starving for attention. She likes the fact of having a boyfriend. All of her friends have a boy/girl friend or spouse. She feels when she hangs out with them she is a 3rd wheel.

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