Is he trying to be nice? is there a reason HE ACTS like this? EXPLAIN?

i find it difficult talking to this guy because it never seems to get anywhere because of the way he acts. its gets quiet and awkward because i feel he doesn't really contribute meaning ask me questions its like the pressure is on me to come up with stuff to talk about. also he starts playing with his phone. also he avoids me at times and its so obvious. then he surprises me on some days and smiles at me when we make eye contact and comes to me on his own and sits with me on the bus - im starting to think he's just being nice. he's not like this with other girls I've seen how he interacts and his facebook/instagram

not too long ago i ran into a guy on the bus and after a bit he told me he is a childhood friend of the quiet guy. he told me to add him on Facebook. i forgot and remembered a couple weeks later and sent him a request while he was out of town i believe. well he's back and he hasn't accepted - is it because of the quiet guy?

a couple days ago i was ahead of the quiet guy in the bus line but we happened to look at eachother and smiled. i decided to skip the bus that was coming because i didn't want him to feel he has to talk to me (ive done this before) so i stood on the side, but he came up to me and was like lets go in, so i did. and at then end he asked me if i was planning on not getting on the bus, i said yes and made a reason - does he think im avoiding him?

ps we both are 20

during our conversations he tends to act clueless on things i know he knows very well and not tell me what he's doing on the weekend properly but acts curious on mine at times


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  • It doesn't have to be etched in stone, sweetie, with this dude who isn't so much rude or crude But-------I feel he doesn't really contribute meaning... I find him simply an Introverted person who is very personal and not the least bit Up close and----Personal at all. He is nervous and jittery, you always seem to have to initiate every convo and when he feels 'Like coming to me on his own' he will and if Not, he doesn't... sometimes it is even 'We happened to look at each other and smiled.' Other times he avoids you like the plague.
    He sounds like he is a bit strange in his own weird way. If he wants to know something like the deal with the bus and he thinks it deals with him 'Personally,' he will inquire, other than that, 'He tends to be clueless on things I know he knows very well.'
    His friend whom you met may have even declined to Accept your Facebook friend request because he may have figured you would want to 'Add' the shy guy and it might get 'Awkward' because he knows how this guy gets from just knowing him with growing up with him.
    Keep things lite and semi sweet with this schmo from Idaho... he is like this Humpty Dumpty Mr. Potato Head. He isn't into letting anyone into his heart, into his head and most of all, into his business. An introvert is a hard person to get to know and to get Anything out of them, is like pulling hen's teeth... he will change like the weather, stay in his own shell, and when they are moody, they are not much into crowing or eye contact with anyone... your best bet is To-----Stay on the side.
    Good luck. xx

  • Maybe he likes u but doesn't know how to go about it... perhaps that's why he's shy and awkward around u as well

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