What do I do? There is nothing around here?

Ok so i want to ask this girl out. But neither of us can drive and our town only consists on 3 stores a park and a bar/restaurant. What can i ask her to do? The closest nice restaurant or movie theater is a half an hour away. So i can't think of anything nice to ask her to do (and the walk in the park is out cause it is freezing here) please help


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  • Make her dinner at your home and watch a movie.


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  • um could she come round your house to chill or is that too forward/no-way-early-stages? I would feel most comfortable in a home environment anyway just watching films or tv or playing games

    • I would because we have been friends forever but i would rather be left alone on a date but i jave 2 little brothers a little sister and my parents that live here as well. :(

    • Is there any way it could be a day one of ur parents takes out ur siblings. Or depending how young they are (and how tolerable) you could take advantage and babysit them or something. don't know she might like that

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