Left my ex and started talking to this guy?

so me and my ex were arguing like crazy we broke up then we talked and decided that we would be friends trying to work on are relationship. i met this guy and we started talking i ended up telling my ex i think we should just remain friends because i think its best for me, but this guy im talking to said he wants to be in a relationship but can't because of all this stuff that happened to him in the past and that he doesn't want to hurt me and keep me waiting cause he doesn't know when he'll be ready and me and him have had sex and he says he really does care about me and all this other stuff. and my ex texted me the other day to see how i am, and told me that he still cares and he doesn't want me to ever think he didn't and that he's there if i ever need anything and i miss him but I don't know what to do. and i really do care for both of them i was with my ex for 9 months and this guy is just so nice and caring. im pretty much new to this whole dating thing my ex was my first boyfriend. so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • And your question iiissssss?

    • like i kind of want to text my ex and talk but i care about this other guy. im stuck between two guys and i dont know what i should do. because i don't want either of them to think im playing them. i just need advice on this whole situation

    • An ex Is an ex for a reason. in my opinion its never a good idea to maintain connections with ex's because of this very reason, the ability to move on becomes hindered by them still being present in your life. My usual advice after a breakup is to cut ties with the ex, stay single for a while so you can heal from the ending of the relationship. At this point its up to you. You have to decide to move on to a fresh future, or dwell in a past relationship that obviously failed.

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