Why is he like this in our relationship?

My bf and I have been dating a year. Living together most of our relationship as well. He is the one who asked me to move in with him. We fight more then most couples dating this long for the reason of living together to soon. Last night he looked at his change jar and said "where should I go on a trip hunny" I was bust so I didn't answer right away then he's like hunny where should I go on a trip. I'm like I don't know just you going (jokingly). He said well I don't know. I said what if I wanted to come. Then he said well then come. And I said well you said just yourself. Then he said well I figured u would come. But it seems lately he is hinting or wanting to get away for awhile. A few weeks ago we got in a fight so I slept in the spare bedroom. I asked him the next day if he likes sleeping alone and he said it was alright but just like any other night when I sleep with him too. It's like he enjoyed me sleeping in the other room. When he use to like sleeping together and if I slept in a different room he would want me to come sleep with him. He doesn't really cuddle as much as he use to either. What is the problem here? It seems like things went downhill after our 1 year anniversary in August. I've asked if he wanted me to move out or take a break and he said no because he loves me to much.


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  • Then what's the problem?