Why Wouldn't he answer me anymore?

my boyfriend and i have been dating for over a month now. on the first three weeks we use to text non stop, now be barely answers my texts, and it feels forced. I got to know some of his friends out side of school and i seem to be texting them more then the guy himself. They also told me he got much more shy then he used to be. he also hide from me the fact that he plays certain games. am i just being paranoid or should i try and figure out why?

on the time thing, he asked me a question, i answer, and he takes an hour or a day to answer back


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  • The guy is probably busy playing video games and is too shy to tell you that. From personal experience I understand why, some girls looked down on me for playing video games, while others simply didn't care. So he might be afraid you won't be attractive to him because of this. Still doesn't really answer why he doesn't respond back, he should at least do that.

    • i knew he plays, and i play as well so

  • Wouldn't be a relationship without honesty, once you lose that then you may choose to question the relationship
    Coming from a guy, sometimes txting does just get boring or tedious if you text the same person, regardless of who they are and it seems as more of something you are trying to carry on rather than it being natural
    The best thing to do would be to meet up and judge how he is in person


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