Date night for my girlfriend?

Me and my gf have been together 8 months now. I am currently unemployed, but I want to do something special for her. Any ideas on a romantic evening?


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  • When I was unemployed I allowed myself a simple pleasure a week to keep my spirits up. My favorite was renting a movie or two at Redbox (depending on funds and how I felt about interviews) and popping some popcorn (the best snack if you are unemployed). If you can get a box or two of movie candy (frequently 2 for $3 at Walgreens around here) I would call it a good time. Another idea with the movie is if you have a Papa Murphy's around you can generally order a large pizza online for like $5. I personally think either is a nice time.


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  • How unemployed are we talking? Just sit on your ass and eat Cheetos unemployed or just got let go from your job last week and have a nest egg saved up unemployed?

    • I got laid off about a week and a half ago, I have money but most of it is going to this months bills.

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    • I was thinking about that, maybe a candle lit dinner and a movie? Too corny?

    • Lol nah. As long as you have a good air about it. If you're humorous about it you can layer on the cheeziness it becomes a thing and can be sweet lol

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  • You, getting a nightshift job, kissing her as you go and earn your keep. So romantic.