His friend asked me to pursue him?

I've been friends with this guy (let's call him Chris to avoid friend vs best friend confusion) for close to a year and recently met his childhood best friend. I've hung out with Chris a few times with his BFF and over the weekend he told me I should "take it to the next level" with Chris and asked me consider doing so if I hadn't yet considered it. Never in my life had that happen. Guys, would you tell a girl to pursue your friend if your friend hadn't expressed interest before?

It has crossed my mind before - I catch Chris staring at me often, he winks at me every once in a while, and he has once drunkenly made a semi-sexual comment towards me, but I've always ignored it because it isn't blatantly obvious to me that he's interested in ME (and I'm not interested in drunken sex with him).


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  • Make up your own mind about what you want to do then do it.

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