He's going out with her?

I like him a lot, & yeah he's going out with another girl. He briefly told me about her, which I'm sure he did to clarify that I'm in the friend zone. He is the sweetest guy. He told me he loves me, but as a best friend. How do I move on? I keep telling myself that I'm over him, but I don't know if I'm lying to myself. I'm sure I'm lying. I can't help but to hate his girlfriend. She's not even pretty! Lol as you can see I'm very jealous. I honestly don't see what's so big with her besides for her shoulders and her saggy boobs.


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  • Must be hard for you, sorry :( But sadly, the best way is just waiting. You will probably find a new crush anyway and forget him. But if its too hard for now, try not spending too much time with him, it might hurt you more. And dont hate her for no reason, its not her fault :/

    • I still like him. :( I've liked him for 2 years now. There's no way that I can't stop hanging out with him. We hang out once a week on the weekends. We have a class together and lunch. He follows me everywhere. I don't hate her anymore though

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    • I have no idea! Everyone says that my intentions are clear though. I flirt shamelessly. He never directly told me that he broke up with her, nor did he ever tell me when they were going out. He was talking to our coach/teacher about it. I was faraway, but I have cat like ears. I tried to not listen to the conversation, and I tried to not look at him. But my efforts failed. I heard him say that they broke up. He looked at me a couple of times during the conversation.
      Our coach knows that I like him. I mean I'm so obvious that literally everyone knows, but I specifically told her. I'm scared that she told him, but she swore she wouldn't. The thing is that since the first day we met, he's shown mixed signals.

    • well, if every one knows, he probably have an idea, but is not 100% sure. I would suggest you just go talk to him, tell him you heard about his break up and ask him if you can help or anything. Then, you will be able to spot more easily how he took it, and adjust in consequence. If he took it well, flirt with him, let him know your still interested, if not, just give him time, show your a good friend, adn wait for him to feel better.

      At least, thats what I think, im maybe wrong ( im not that good in giving advice :P)

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