Girlfriend said she loved me accidently through text?

I wasn't about to say it back through text although and I don't know if she really said it accidently or was trying to say it the easy eay. Said she's not good at this stuff and was about to have a heartattack after. I never said it back. But that's only because I wasn't going to say it through text. Said I can hang out and if she wanted to come over and this is two days later. Said she's sick and doesn't feel good? Asked if she's scared of me now she played it off just saying she's sick. The hell is going through her head.

She's been hinting at this now that I think about it. Just never really noticed that she wanted me to say it.


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  • .. How did she accidentally say it?

    • Was playfully teasing her. She said. "God why do I love you" then she said immediately said that wasn't supposed to happen.

  • Why didn't you just say it back to her. Now she just feels stupid.

    • That's so lame.. say it back via text. I told her well hang out soon. Doesn't that hint that I'm going to day it just not through a phone.

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    • Feel like she said it to just to say it. She said it really was an accident. She's not really good with feelings and emotions but I don't know I was expecting a little more.

    • fuck her then! sheesh lol

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