If I want space from my girlfriend without breaking up what should I tell her if she is really depressed no matter what I do?

My girlfriend and I have been having some complications but I still care for. I don't want her to do anything stupid, and I don't want her to hurt herself because of me, but right now I need my space because I have been going through a lot. What should I do? And how should I do it?

Need your help. Please.


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  • Just tell her you don't want to break up, but you just need some time to think things over that have been going on. But if its about her, you should probably work it out together.


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  • distance yourself. slightly. I know what it can be like to have to handle your own issues but also have someone you greatly care for have a lot going on as well. Try to explain your situation WITHOUT making it sound like you think your situation is worse than hers and make some distance between you, still talk etc. but take some time for yourself.


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  • well im the kind of guy who would try to be there for her
    but also not there in the same sense. i would check up on her every 6 hours or so
    that way she'ee see that you/i care about her, while you're also getting your respective space

    when all else fails man just use shadow clone ninjutsu or flashstep at the speed of light "NARUTO/BLEACH MOMENT" that way you could do both at once