What is the deal with this guy....seriously?

So I went out on a couple great dates with this guy. I thought we were really hitting it off. However, we kind of stopped talking for a few weeks. I think we both got really busy, but he didn't even try to contact me.

Last night he started a conversation with me online. I was literally shocked, because I had kind of written it off as over.

He didn't ask to hang out of anything, but when he was saying bye he did say that he would talk to me soon. I don't know if that means that he felt bad for not talking for a few weeks, but I found the whole thing kind of weird.

I really like this guy. I don't get why he didn't bother to call or anything.

What should I do now? I mean I would really like to start seeing him again.


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  • I think he felt that you didn't want him as much as he wanted you (because you didn't call) and he waited for you to call, but then when you didn't he just gave up and messaged you online.

    Personally, I think he just felt uncared for and wants the relationship back just as much as you do, and was bothered by the lack of calls just as much as you were.


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