Does everyone stammer in front of their crushes?

I like this girl in college and regularly speak to her when ever I meet her. I like her that is why I keep on feeling nervous and stammer in front of her. What I worst is that I have yet not been able to ask for her number in spite of me talking to her normally. Does this feeling happen to everyone or am I a weirdo without confidence. Please help me as I have faced rejection from other girls in the past and I don't want to get rejected now.


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  • Don't worry bro you are not alone on getting nervous when it comes to a certain gal it happens to everyone and who cares about getting rejected just move to the next one and if you do get a chance to talk with her just say "Hey I like talking to you let me have your number" but don't sound what most chicks call needy
    (I learned this by living with only women in my family ;D)

    • hussain_shaherwalla@yahoo. com and hussainshaherwalla@gmail. com, mail id. :)

  • For me, it's that I don't know what to say next. . .

    • Same thing happens with me man. I want her number and I know that it is the easiest thing but it seems so difficult. :(

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    • Yeah that is the difficult part in establishing any social relation.

    • I just got her number today ;)