Trouble getting dates? Whats wrong?

I want honest answers as to what a girl would think if I asked her out. I am 25 a commercial pilot a flight instructor and will be in the airlines soon, so it can't be my job. Im physically fit and in shape and my body image is good. So whats the problem? What are peoples impressions of me? I have photos below so be honest. Whats my problem? Could it be my looks?,5Vsmhbf,414nXAl,QHc4nk7#0


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  • I wish that I could make a truly helpful suggestion, past trying an old-fashioned introduction agency. By that I mean one that has an office and gets people in for interviews. Forget on-line dating sites. They are scams full of fake profiles that are designed to suck money out of lonely men.
    In some ways, you remind me of myself. I could hardly get a date before I was 30 and my one girlfriend ripped my heart out and destroyed me via a very, very cruel deception.
    When I was in your age range I was a: honours graduate, part-time army officer (with periods of full-time service), radio and television presenter, at the beginning of being a life-long student of karate and I had even been prevailed upon to do some modelling from time to time. I was also an amateur and sometimes professional actor who was passionate about live theatre (especially Shakespeare) and cinema. I liked designer clothes, European cars and fine dining. When I was 14 a shrink tested my IQ and put me in the top 2 per cent of the population.
    You might think that I ticked all boxes for what a girl would want. Not a chance! What I learned was that between the ages of 15 and about 25-30 an estimated 99 per cent of women want the POS bad boys, who have no future to offer past welfare housing, but are more "fun". That is what Hollyweird and Madison Avenue have told them is the desirable alpha male. I think that for girls from good families an element of wanting to piss off their fathers comes into it, too.
    You suffer from being a decent good-looking young man who has a lot to offer. Most females will not be interested until they are past the age of about 30. That is when they hear their ovaries ticking, so begin to leave the bad boys and look for husband material. By that stage they have realised that the bad boys are not the desirable alpha males.
    If I were you, Mr Corsair427, I might send a PM to juliaanita, who left the first female comment. She has a nice profile pix and is in your age range.

    • Nicely put, i've been waiting for a mature enough girl since i was 17, seems like i have to wait more. Anyhow I would not contact anyone from here anyhow because i am not "in need" of anyone plus its guaranteed they are in no vicinity of me anyhow. I just want some answers is all, im not here to get girls. But thanks for the answer!

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  • I don't know. You look good to me:)


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  • Maybe you look douchey. You look like a short guy too in your profile pic, strike two. Could also be your approach- maybe you come off with a certain vibe that scares females away. Lack of confidence, creepy vibe, anti-social vibe, quiet un-exciting vibe. Search yourself, figure it out.

    I'm kinda in the same boat but the truth is that I'm apathetic toward most women so I don't really give a damn about changing anything lol.

    • Short,.. hmmmm... thats interesting im 5 10, not tall but taller than most girls i meet.

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    • Could be that too, actually. If you're surrounded by a bunch of good looking, tall dudes then you look like a ham sandwich in comparison, know what I mean?

    • haha, i know, we were standing on staggered steps, and they were all huge guys anyway and i dont mean tall huge either.