Which guy would you pick?

Guy 1:
Funny, short and outgoing.
Guy 2:
Intelligent, tall, shy.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Guy 2. Intelligence and shyness is very attractive.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Guy 1, I've always fell on the first one
    doesn't mean that guy 2 is unattractive, it's just they never show the real them

  • I like a guy who is smart. Perfect for discussions during dinner dates. :D

  • Guy 1. I'm not usually into the quiet genius types. I like the charming lifes of the party type of people. Makes everything more interesting


What Guys Said 2

  • "Intelligence" is an amusing buzzword.

    Reworded and expanded:

    Quick-witted and adaptable enough to be considered funny to many people, including you, capable of practical levels of interaction

    Short, under average height I presume by an inch or something

    Capable of understand social cues, being socially viable and aware, and functionally enjoyable in a common atmosphere

    Book-smart at best, merely learns quickly and can acquire knowledge at an alarming rate, not necessarily skilled at using such, also prone to a list of really shitty conditions ( science.howstuffworks.com/.../...ntal-illness1.htm , www.thecrimson.com/.../ , www.psychologytoday.com/.../can-we-stop-confusing-iq-intelligence ) that no one likes to think about like increased suicide rate, lower social adaptability, depression, anxiety, feelings of ostracization, etc.

    Slightly taller than average

    Socially incompetent, doesn't take initiative, sucks at social cues, tends to do poorly in the face of adversity, indecisive, and ultimately they suck ( www.psychologytoday.com/.../the-cost-shyness ) but everyone loves them anyway despite the fact that they live in constant fear of social situations, confrontation (which all relationships do have), and the fact that the term can (and is) used to attract people because it's "cute" despite being a crippling and debilitating state of being.


    Choice just got a fuckton easier.

  • Intelligence goes a long way.

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