Girls, would you be offended?

So I just hit up my old friend from high school on Facebook, and she seems promising as a potential girlfriend. it is very causal at this point, but i am also interested in a girl in my class right now. i personally find nothing wrong with getting to know both women better at the same time. Once it starts to get into holding hands and one on one dates i will choose who i like better and go from there. how offended dose this make you if you were one of the woman in my example?

  • it's not serious, who cares? at least your giving both women a chance, instead of completely canceling out one right at the beginning.
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  • uhh i wouldn't mind, as long as the other wasn't brought up in a conversation.
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  • hec, bring it on! i like compitition
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  • it's not ok, I would be totally jelous
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  • Maybe do it in a "friend type" of way.. When you connect to one of them more make that one your gf and the other one will maintain being your friend..

    • yeah that is what the idea is. is too give both a chance, and myself an opportunity to choose between two people that i know, and not just whoever is more cute.

    • Yeah just don't be to obviously flirtatious with both of them.. Keep it friend zoned for a bit till you figure out which one you connect with more.. Otherwise both girls would feel played.. And once they figure that out.. Your fucked lol

    • Thanks for MH

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What Girls Said 2

  • Yeah, I would not be okay with that. I wouldn't mind hanging out still.

    • even though it is really causal, and had only met a few times, you wouldn't be ok with me doing the same with another? then making the decision after i know both of you, before anything gets serious.

    • This isn't a t. v show. Yeah I would offended if you told me what you're up to.

  • Bring it on big boy!

    • haha, that's the type of attitude that might actually help me choose one over the other!

What Guys Said 2

  • Then you're not technically in a girlfriend/boyfriend situation, you're more just friends with potential.

  • Some things are easier said than done. Bur many things are easier done than said, almost impossible.