Should I continue this relationship, with so much up in the air?

I have been dating someone for a few months, and I tried to take things slowly. I have been in relationships where things have moved too quickly, and before I knew it, we 'settled in', and things became routine. They didn't work out for a variety of reasons. I just wanted to take my time with her, and really get to know her instead of rushing to the 'serious relationship' stage.

I had some walls up, and this woman I'm dating now has turned out to be an incredibly sweet, thoughtful, caring, giving person (that's also incredibly beautiful), and i really enjoy spending time with her. We only see each other 1-3 days per week depending on our schedules. We live about an hour away from each other. Every reason I've tried to give myself that she isn't right for me has been proven wrong. I know she is head over heels for me.

Here's where the problem comes in. I was laid off from my job in the last week, and the career line that I am in is very nomadic. There is a very good chance that I may have to move to another city, quite possibly on the other side of the country. I am falling for her, and I know she has fallen for me. She's not in a position with her career that she is able to move, and we aren't at that point in our relationship anyway. Long distance relationships don't work.

I'm having a difficult time because if I do get a job elsewhere, we will both get hurt. There is also the chance I get a job here, but it's much much less likely. Do I just cross that bridge when I get there and enjoy what time I have with her now, or break it off now so it's not as painful when the time comes.

While I am emotionally invested in the relationship, she is more so than I am (I'm getting there). And she is aware of what could happen.


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  • Don't, stay with her, you love her and she does love doesn't know distances just be true to her and be real for her don't lose that love because of distance wish you good luck.

    • We haven't used the 'love' word yet, although I know if I say it to her, she will be very excited to say it back. I have been open and honest with her about this from the start. I really don't want to lose her, but I would hate to have her feelings grow stronger and then have to leave (mine too). Tough spot to be in. Thank you for your time.

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