Relationships in year 8/9, are they risky?

I really like this guy but he's into full on dating (kissing, sex, girlfriend and boyfriend). I'm so young and I know he likes me back but I'm not sure if it's risky or not. I'm not into that stuff and my parents always told me not to date in high school but I'm so attracted to this guy!

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  • Do not put yourself in a situation with a guy who is already more advanced sexually than you are comfortable being. You are asking for trouble.


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  • Wait how old are you and how old is the guy?

    • I'm fifteen he sixteen (we're going into year 10 next year)

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    • Thank you! I really don't want to like him but I do

    • I know, we always like the ones we don't want to and should not, but somehow we always do. We just have a weird attraction to the things we should not want.

  • He's gonna force you into doing sexual stuff you're not even ready for. You game?

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