Fellow male gaggers, don't you think that we made ourselves a piece of cakes for girls by being so fucking thirsty and by always showing interest?

To the point we are taken for granted and our attention doesn't mean shit for them anymore?


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  • Amen I do believe what you are saying. Men are visual creatures. There is an old saying that says, “men fall in love through their eyes, and women through their ears.” In my younger years when I was blowing every good chance I had with women I liked, I seemed to always become convinced that the woman I had just met was exactly the right woman I had been waiting for. I got emotionally hung up pretty quickly. During my childhood I had developed an irrational limiting belief that when I met the perfect girl, everything would go according to plan and unfold magically like it did in the movies. However, for many years of my adult life, my love life seemed more like a Greek tragedy than a love story. A hard life lesson that took me many years to learn, was that you should never give your heart away to a woman who has not earned it.

    • So fucking true bro we ahould maje girls qork for it and deserve it

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  • Women like to believe we need them more than they need us. Some guys like to agree with them. Me, I'm over here shaking my head, making bank, & wishing men would stop letting women walk over them. Women have as much "power" over us as we allow. As much as guys generally do want to be "nice," girls are making it next to impossible. The faster men realize this, the better off they'll be.

  • Yes I do but weak men chase women, strong men like me chase money, Lamborghini's, Moet Champagne and bank accounts on the Cayman Islands.

    • That's cool man and then you'll be drowned in pussy

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    • You are not describing a strong men, but one who loves money, power and prestige.

      And whores and gold diggers as far as girls are concerned.

    • Money, power and prestige empowers a man, a vagina just weakens him.

  • I agree. I actually think girls often prefer bad boys because the bad boy isn't so thirsty. Typically the bad boy values himself over the girl.

  • depends on what you mean by "showing interest" I look at girls quite often but never make the move because I enjoy being single.

    It is an issue that some girls know most guys mainly want sex, so they can use that against us.
    it's a shame too because many girls also want sex but they have more control over it.