Getting a girl with companionship not attraction, how to?

I tried to ask girls out, but they all said they weren't attracted to me.

Apperance-wise I don't have any looks. I don't just mean that I look generic. My face is kinda squarish, I'm not tall, and I'm big-boned too. Overall I look boorish.

I dont have any charm or charisma either. I'm kinda playful, childish/young-at-heart, and introverted.

So I believe the best way for me to get a girl is not through my looks. I need to look for a relationship that is based on companionship, being soulmates, and having fun.

Anyone has any experience with that or seen any couples like that?


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  • I hear plastic surgery's all the rage in Asia

    Kidding haha

    Work on your personality. You can't really change your face, but you can improve your confidence.

    • Thank you. I'm not sure how I can change my personality, I've become more outspoken over the years but my best friend tells me that I'm still kinda the same deep down once people get to know me better. Maybe that's the confidence you were talking about, I've got that now haha.

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