A girl I dated earlier this year invited me to her Christmas party. Would it be weird if I brought my girlfriend to the party?

I went out with a girl several times earlier this year. She turned me down for a few dates and I stopped asking her out (she said she had a busy schedule, but I assumed she just wasn't very interested in me).

Yesterday I got a Facebook invite to her Christmas party. We have a lot of mutual friends and I'd really like to go and catch up with everyone, but I'm dating someone else pretty seriously now, and the girl I'm dating would definitely expect to spend time with me that night (it's on a Friday).

I don't want to neglect my girlfriend that Friday , but I also don't want to miss the party. Would it be weird to just take her to the party with me?

Thanks for your thoughts.

PS: There were only 27 people invited to the party on Facebook.


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  • Facebook invites are a funny thing...
    Typically, if the person tolerates you or likes you even the slightest, they will invite you. Look at the number of people invited on that Facebook invite and then determine if she was very select in her invites or pretty much invited all of her Facebook friends.
    If she was select, it wouldn't hurt to message her and see how she is doing. If she starts hinting that she still wants to be with you then I would recommend not going all together. If she is really just normal with a friend attitude then ASK HER if it is cool that you bring a plus one.


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  • First of all tell your girlfriend who this friend is that invited you to the party. Last thing you want is for your girlfriend to find out from someone else that you were trying to date this friend of yours and make sure you're girlfriend is ok with you going and taking her. Second i would message your friend and ask her how she is doing and maybe ask her some questions about the party and see what she says.


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  • Check with the girl who invited you. I doubt she's hanging on to any feeligns for you.