He's so perfect, but I'm probably not going to be attracted to him?

I've been chatting with this guy via an anonymous app for a few days now. It's not a dating app or anything like that, but he messaged me about something I posted, and we started talking. He's so great. He's funny, and easy to talk to, and understanding, and we have lots in common, and he knows all about my lack of experience, and how I like to move really slow with things, and he's totally accepting of all that.
The thing is, neither of us knows what the other looks like. On one hand, it's kind of nice not having that be a focus, but on the other hand, I'm so nervous about it. Not as much that he won't be attracted to me, but that I won't be attracted to him. And then when he was telling me about his family, he mentioned that he "wasn't white". And I know this makes me sound like a horrible person, but I've just never found myself attracted to... non-white people... The guys who are interested in me are often East Indian or Black, and I just have never felt any attraction to them.
So now I'm worried about that. I like him in every other way so far. So do I just stop talking to him now? Or do I eventually meet him and have to probably go through the awkward "I'm not into you THAT WAY" talk?


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  • You'll have to take the route that takes the most heart. Being cowardice isn't something you want on your shoulders.. nor a bridge you just burned and pretended never existed.

    Tell him what you're scared of, it sucks, because for the most part, we have to have both mental and physical attraction to be absolutely In Love with someone.


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