What should I do after a text like this?

Should I even bother with this guy after this? I figured as much that he would say this considering we've only been seeing each other for a few months but he could have said it in a nicer way.

ME- Do you see use as only being a causal/sexual relationship?

HIM - I guess that I do feel that way. I like you as a person but I'm extremely busy right now.

- He a VERY busy grad student with a full time job.
- He's told me before that he likes but he's being stupid by not
doing anything about it.
- After this conversation he because a lot more affectionate.
- He during this convo he as said that we could stop having sex
as long as we stayed friends. He doesn't have a lot of people
in his life.


I mean to say... After this conversation he BECAME a lot more affectionate.


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  • The smart move would be to stop having sex with him and see his reaction. If he tries to have sex or he changes his behavior then he only wants you for sex.

    • I agree!

      But doesn't it sound strange to say "I guess" to a question like that? Wouldn't you want to be more sure about something like that?

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    • Hey me aging! You said that I asked him at the wrong time, do you mean I asked him while he was too busy or I asked him too early?

    • You asked him when he is busy with something else and can't put much thought to it. So it's the quickest answer he could come up with.

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  • I'd stop having sex for sure. And see what happens.

    Honestly, a response like that and I'd probably be very tempted to just move on.

  • Honestly I'd move on. If you're busy you can still be with somebody, it's a crap excuse!