Scared of a kiss?

Seems like every time a guy goes to kiss me, even if I want him to, I flinch, or dodge, or freeze, or pull lips start to quiver and I want to but it's just that moment that someone goes in for a kiss that I always get a little anxious...

I even did it the other day when I was with my bf, he went to kiss me goodbye and I turned my head so he kissed my cheek...I don't want to hurt his feelings. Does this happen to any other girls? Have guys ever had a girl like this? What did you do, I don't mean to it's just a reaction...


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  • You may not mean to on the surface, but somewhere there is some sort of reason going on here. I've never met or heard of a girl that has this happen "involuntarily". Are you absolutely positive there is no deep underlying issue for this? Something happened to you as a child?

    Regardless, I hope you make sure your boyfriend knows about your "condition". Otherwise if I were him I'd start thinking you didn't like me...

  • The last girl who did this, I made her keep kissing me until she got it right. Great fun, actually.


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