My boyfriend says he "doesn't want to date anymore" but only because he wants to be single?

My boyfriend and I have ️well I guess had, a great relationship, we go great together, I could go on but that's not really relevant to my question. Anyways he broke up with me he was crying I was crying, he said he still wants to be friends. He said he still likes me very much. I asked if it was because he didn't think I was attractive anymore he said no he thinks I'm very attractive, so I asked if it was personality he said no Iove your personality. I said sorry to him but he said I haven't done anything wrong he just "wants to be single" he doesn't luke anyone else and he's not a player, and it's not me he doesn't want to date he hit doesn't want to date. So what I'm asking is how should I got about getting him back, we have already talked about it and agreed to be friends, we are really close but I need that physical contact again with him. So how should I get him back, and if you say I should just move on don't answer because that's not something I'm gonna do.


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  • Maybe he just wants to be single because its less stressful and less gifts to buy during Christmas just give it time