If a guy and a girls says they like each other in the dating way, but he dosen't ask her out, Should she be Concerned?

ok, I told this guy I liked him in that way and then he said I like you like that also. But he dosen't ask me out or anything. So whats going on?


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  • Now days woman want guys to do all the work... Set up the date, pay half or all the expenses, asker her out, do thus and that. Not all in order but you get the idea. Some guys including myself find chicks dateable but rather wait until we feel we are ready. Nothing against you but if you don't like waiting then you ask him first. It's not a gentleman thing or a manly thing anymore , it's about being the first to express there feelings.

    • your right, and thanks for your honesty. I honestly never even thought about asking him out first. lol and I can wait its just unusual for me.

    • Your welcome sunshine. :)

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  • Just ask him out dear


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  • If a guy and a girl says they like each other in the dating way but he doesn't ask her out, she should ask him out instead.

    • Thank you!!! I just have to get the right words to say it.

    • I've done it with my boyfriend. I was actually trying to come up with a nice surprise or gesture for him but one day he said something so sweet that I couldn't wait. He said he loved it, and it made him feel like I just had to have him.
      What I'm trying to say is if he's into you, he'll be happy no matter how you do it :)

    • Ok great. I have the confidence it was the words was the hard part but you saying that will for sure help me again thanks!!! :)