Guys! Did you ever date a girl you argued?

A lot with? What did you do? And how did you handle the situation?


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  • When first meeting them I've gotten off on the wrong foot with a few girls, like a clash of personality type thing. This has usually been in a work environment so there's no option to just avoid each other.
    Sometimes you build a bit of respect, some mutual admiration and you each concede a few points here and there.. you end up realizing you're kinda similar and develop feelings for each other. Then you end up dating after originally hating each other's guts, that brings you closer together in a weird way.


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  • I have, but it was mainly due to our distance. I sucked it up for as long as I could, but we eventually both fell out. Now if I were to be with a girl that argued too much and saw each other daily, I would break it off as soon as it gets out of hand. When men and women argue too much, it is a sign of incompetence and insecurity. A confident woman or man will know when they are wrong, or if they have something to say, they will bring it up in a mature manner. However, arguing is very natural in relationships, it is knowing when to stop that makes a relationship work.

  • Unfortunately I seem to only last with women I argue with habitually. I do not do well with people I get along with for some reason. It was wonderful.

    • Why? What? Explain you lasted long with her?

    • I only have a track record of long-term relationships and it's just how it is. I am a feisty fucker who needs someone who can keep up.

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